Local Scottsdale Veteran develops
a product designed to disrupt the
multi-billion dollar shaving industry.

There are a number of high quality razors on the market
that offer a variety of benefits. Two things they all share
in common is that they have a very short useful life and they are all


Shave Harbor allows you to extend the life of your favorite razor. Our promise is you can extend the time you get a quality shave from any cartridge.

We've found, after extensive testing and research, that only one thing dulls your razors, moisture...!! Testing has proven that by limiting the blades' exposure to moisture we can extend the life of your blade by 400% or MORE.

That means you will be saving tons on blade purchases because you won't have to buy them nearly as often. In fact, we have blades in testing utilizing Shave Harbor that are still providing a like new blade shave after 13 14 weeks...!!

This is how it works:

Our Patent Pending box design houses the razor of your choice inside an air tight container that has built-in technology to automatically circulate the air within the box for a short time after closing the lid drying the blades quickly.

image of shave harbor box

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